Don't buy this book!

Don't buy this book! The rabbit holding a paintbrush has drawn an red X over a mockup of The Oxherd Boy book.
The rabbit is waving yelling STOP! in front of a screenshot of an online shopping screen where a buyer is about to preorder The Oxherd Boy book
The rabbit says, "Regina doesn't know I'm here, but I think it's important for me to share this message: You should not buy our book. (And I'll tell you why...)"

Here in the US, we're coming up fast on a huge consumer season with end-of-year sales in the run up to the holidays marked with gift-giving traditions. Ever the action-oriented and action-conscious one, the rabbit has an important message to share on my behalf.

All humor aside, creating for you has been a dream and a joy, but I also know that creating costs this earth something. As we approach Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, I want to say this: I would love for you to buy this book.

I also want to make sure it is 100% the right book for you to buy.

I want to make sure it is the right book for you to gift and share, or for you to keep, as long as it has a place in your heart and brings something meaningful to your life. Because as much as I believe that publishing and books are important ways to share experiences and exchange ideas, I also understand that the activity costs this earth something.

Before you preorder, please ask yourself these six questions, from The Minimalists podcast:⁠

  1. Who am I buying this for? Is this for me, or an image of myself that I'm trying to project for others?⁠
  2. Will this add value to my life? Does this serve a purpose or bring me joy?⁠
  3. Can I afford it? Am I in a financial position to reasonably spend this amount of money?⁠
  4. Is this the best use of this money? What else can I do with my resources?⁠
  5. What's the actual cost? Are there any hidden, additional (whether financial, mental, or emotional) costs associated with owning this?⁠
  6. Would the best version of me buy this? Will I regret buying this later when I'm in different state of mind?⁠

As a creator and a seller, I wish to be as open as possible, and if you choose to buy this book, I invite you to be as open and intentional about that choice as well. As Toni Morrison says, we -- all of us, with our decisions and actions -- cost this earth something. Let it not be for nothing.

If you would like more information on how to reserve your copy through preorder, please check out this page for more information.

Thank you, Regina 💛🐇

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