Fields of Freedom and MSF Receive Store Proceeds

The year 2023 saw The Oxherd Boy shop generate around US$3,000 in income. As with last year, I reflected on what this amount signifies to the difference it makes in my life versus where it can be placed elsewhere, and came to the same conclusion. There are many more people and organizations in need of these funds than I myself could use for my personal efforts.

Thank you all for sharing the causes that you care for and for nominating so many that are worthy of that support. Once again, I'm in wonder of the concern, generosity, and service that each of you provide to your community in ways both big and small.

Garnering the most number of votes with over 95 likes and comments on the Instagram contest, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) came in with the overwhelming majority. General relief for Palestine came in second with 44 votes. MSF has consistently been working to provide life-saving support in Palestine from the very beginning and continues to call for humanitarian ceasefire, I believe both causes are supported with the donation I made of US$1,500.

In close third at 40 votes, is a smaller, local organization in Denmark called Fields of Freedom Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary that offers safe haven especially for donkeys. Largely manned by one person, Christopher Crump, it is an organization that I hope the remaining US$1,500 can help extend its mission of compassion and communion between human and our animal counterparts much further.

Thanks again for your participation and interest. I hope we can repeat it again next year.

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