Happy book birthday to "The Oxherd Boy"

It's been a big relief for me to have the book reach you, and I've felt so lucky to receive your messages and pictures of the book out in the world, on your bookshelves and bedside tables, in bookstores and museum gift shops, in your very hands.

There's something about having it resting in your hands, these visceral antennae of being, that gives us another point for connection . . . as Charles Bukowski said, "And remember this: the page you are looking at now, I once typed the words with care with you in mind under a yellow light with the radio on."



How to Purchase

If you haven't gotten a copy and are interested in doing so, you can order it pretty much everywhere books are sold now, so please be sure to check your usual online retailers and with English bookstores. Amazon will ship worldwide as well.

I've been starting to collect a list of popular places to buy it in various destinations worldwide, so if you've found a good option in your location, please let me know at regina@oxherdboy.org and I'll add it to the page.

Gift Box Giveaway

Those in the U.S. have an option to win one of several really lovely gift boxes from my publisher that includes a copy of the book with curated items from Asian American-owned small businesses. You can learn more and here.

Translated Editions

Translations in addition to Dutch are forthcoming, including French, German, Italian, and Vietnamese. As these editions become available, I'll let you know where to find them.

Thank you again for being a part of this wonderful wonderful thing.

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