Let's Start Selling

Practically six months to the date after signing with my agent Liz at Great Dog Literary, she will begin selling my two-book proposal to editors this week. 🥂

While self-publishing is an option that I had explored before, I am so grateful at this point in the process, to have representation with an agency. Promoting a self-published book is a full-time job that I simply am not equipped to do right now, and having Liz by my side during the last half year has been a great partnership. I wanted to share all that she's done to keep me working on these books:

  • Guide me through the process of laying a good foundation for the Oxherd Boy world;
  • Maintain a pulse on news and trends in the children's literary and publishing industry;
  • Offer critiques for writing compellingly for children, and marrying the words with pictures;
  • Develop an understanding for which publishing companies would be able to support both adult and children's imprints (brands unique to a particular genre or segment); and
  • Identify editors who would be good fits to not only acquire the DAILY READER and BIG ENOUGH, but also to bring each project to market successfully by helping make each book the best it can be and connecting each book with the right readers;

Even with such a supportive following that all of you have given me, I could never have done these on my own, and I wish to give credit where it is due.

Now, the proposals are out of my hands and into Liz's far more capable ones to hopefully get them to the next step of their journey. Until there is more to report, I will occupy my time continuing to make Oxherd Boy comics, revise my picture book RABBIT AND SPARROW, and expand my illustrator's portfolio. I hope you'll still follow along.

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