Submitting Book Proposals

Before I started getting into the the world of publishing, I had no idea how complex a process it was, especially when going the route for traditional publishing. Signing with an agent is the first step, but it is the first of a years-long process to simply bring a book into the world.

I've received so many words of encouragement and excitement, messages asking when the book will come out. To be perfectly honest, it might not even happen.

The story needs to be accepted by an editor and then championed through the acquisitions department of the publisher before the I can even start writing and illustrating the final story. At any point, it's possible this book could fall through the cracks, but I am grateful for the opportunity to even work on it, as the first of hopefully many stories that bring the ox, the boy, and the rabbit to life for children like my son, who inspires me every day as my own real-life oxherd boy.

So, without further ado, here is the summary for the first book, currently titled BIG ENOUGH, that reveals how the boy came to be the oxherd boy in the first place:

BIG ENOUGH follows Ah-Fu on his journey to bring home the great, big family ox. With everyone he meets along the way, he becomes convinced that he isn’t big enough to do the job. Can Ah-Fu become the oxherd boy his family expects or will fear drive him home empty-handed?

One of the challenges of adapting the webcomic to a young audience is how to convey philosophical themes in a more approachable way. I'm thrilled that BIG ENOUGH still touches on many themes that even adults struggle with every day, like:

  • Identity
  • External judgment
  • Self confidence
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • Finding one's own path

So, Liz and I will be taking the next weeks to prepare the final items to submit this proposal alongside one for an illustrated philosophical reader for adults. Wish us luck!

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