The Banyan and World Wildlife Fund to Receive Store Proceeds

Last month, I made the decision to divide and donate my portion of the Oxherd Boy store proceeds from 2022 to two charities. After receiving nominations and suggestions from followers on Instagram (@oxherdboy), two ideas came up to the top: a mental health charity and an animal welfare organization.

Looking down the list for nominated organizations, it was very close between two in animal welfare, but the one that received the most votes was the World Wildlife Fund, renowned for their conservation efforts around the world.

The mental health charity was a harder to pin down, as there wasn't an organization nominated that directly served in this field. After doing some research, I decided to go with The Banyan, a NGO in India helping those with mental illness living in homelessness and poverty.

Each charity will receive US$1,200.00. Thank you all for your contributions and making it possible to spread a little more kindness. We may never know how our actions have positively impacted someone, whether animal or man, but it is from the doing that we draw meaning and joy.

Happy New Year!

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