Translating an Entire Book

Frankfurter Buchmesse, or Frankfurt Book Fair, is taking place this week in Germany, and it's the first time I've heard of it. Apparently, it's the world's largest book fair, where publishers, authors, readers, literary trade partners, technology providers, and so many more parties interested in books and the dissemination of ideas come together. And, it's the marketplace where books published in one country, go to find publishers in other countries who are interested in translating them into different languages.

Very interesting, as I always assumed that a publisher as big as Penguin Random House could do everything in-house, but now this set up makes more sense. Publishers in each country would have a better understanding of what is likely to be of interest to their people to be read in their language and can decide whether or not to pursue translating an entire book.

Anyhow, entire book translations are a usual part of publishing, and I'd been planning for its eventuality by asking for your input on languages, but I was surprised to hear that THE OXHERD BOY collection is at Frankfurt Book Fair so soon. It's not published in the US yet, and honestly, I'm not even entirely finished with it yet (shhhh! lol), and yet, they are still bringing it forward.

Such a gesture truly touches my heart, because some of my first and foremost followers were from various parts of the world -- India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Spain, and more. I had the privilege of working with over 50 volunteers who took such care and time to translate my writing into 13 or so languages every week for a while, and I learned so much about words and language and linguistics. So, it is with a magnificent sense of gratitude that the book may continue the work we left off. It is with such appreciation that my publisher Penguin Random House believes in the global reach of these characters and the message they carry of love, compassion, and community.

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