Your Preferred Languages?

After spending the last week recovering from COVID 😷, I am very grateful to have experienced only mild symptoms and to have been able to isolate safely and rest while my family held things down at home.

Now I'm rather sluggish working on the book though... I'm not sure if it's the residual feelings of disinterest after being physically ill, or I've simply hit a point of attention overload on a single project. I'm on track and pacing well, but sometimes, I think about the 64 pages left that will take me six months to paint, and all I want to do is lie down with a hot compress over my eyeballs. 😫

On that note however, we are still pulling along. I talked with my editor and met the art director for the first time to talk over the mock up. They provided good feedback and instruction on the look and feel of the book, potential cover designs, and final file specifications. I do think that talking and working with other people about the book helps establish a stronger connection to the work.

So... I'm soliciting your input now on something very important, which is about translating THE OXHERD BOY book into languages that you are interested in reading. If you haven't already responded, please submit your preference either checking the boxes or if it is not available, writing it in at the bottom:

🌎 Share Your Preferred Languages 🌏
[This survey has closed.]


On a side note, I used to work in different areas of business, and it's been a few years since I've dabbled in the usual tools to run surveys and collect information. I didn't know that Survey Monkey had changed their pricing structure so that it could hold your data hostage 😧, allowing you only to access 40 responses until you pay for a plan, which at a minimum would be US$99 a month.

By responding, you would not only help us publish a book in your preferred languages, you would also help me get more value out of my US$99 😜, so please respond and feel free to share it far and wide. Survey closes October 15, 2022.

Thank you as always, and sending you my best.

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