THE OXHERD BOY on sale now

The Oxherd Boy: Parables of Love, Compassion, and Community, written and illustrated by Regina Linke, is on sale through booksellers worldwide.

A collection of over 100 parables about a herder boy and his animal friends, the book was inspired by thousands of years of Chinese thought, serving up perspectives from Buddhism through an ox, Taoism through a boy, and Confucianism through a rabbit.

Their approachable dialogue on topics varying from happiness to friendship, disappointment to death, quiet reflection to active creativity, allows readers young and old to appreciate its gentle revelations and uplifting messages for life's various crossroads.

The book makes a notable departure from similar works that frame spirituality as a journey taken alone or at most with only select company. Rather, The Oxherd Boy leans on community as a cornerstone to spiritual growth.

"In many ways, spirituality doesn't have to mean going away on a journey somewhere new," explains Linke. "Rather, it can be a simple, ever-deepening recognition and appreciation for where you've been all along--for who you are and what you can do right now with those around you."

Digitally painted in a traditional Chinese style using gongbi and xieyi techniques, the art's quiet charm matches the tenderness of the accompanying words to create a mystical world where the three main characters have made their home.

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