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Bamboo (24"x36")

Bamboo (24"x36")

Because of its hollow stalk, the bamboo came to symbolize tolerance and open-mindedness among Chinese scholars. Its flexibility and strength underscore the idea of human integrity in which one may yield, but does not break.

First appearing in the book The Oxherd Boy: Parables of Love, Compassion, and Community, this cluster of bamboo gracefully arches across the print in bursts of earth tones and deep greens.

About the Item

Printed on matte, 192 g/m² paper sourced from Japan, this unique wall scroll reinterprets a traditional painted scroll found in East Asian art in a modern way. Signed by the artist, this high-quality print is secured on hangers made from high-quality oak, creating a lightweight and unique alternative to traditional framed art, perfect for mixing and matching a variety of decor and styles.

Part of a larger collection of four hanging scrolls, they can be displayed together, but often one scroll is traded out for another according to the changing seasons.

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