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To Comfort a Tiger (16"x20")

To Comfort a Tiger (16"x20")

This painting first debuted online to much admiration of a vulnerable child locked in a comforting embrace of a great tiger. The image was paired with the title of Glenn Ringtved's children's book about death, "Cry, Heart, but Never Break."

A tender juxtaposition between power and strength with softness and vulnerability, the piece deftly contrasts the looser strokes of the tiger's image with the more meticulously worked figure of the oxherd boy.

About the Item

Printed on matte, 192 g/m² paper sourced from Japan, this unique wall scroll reinterprets a traditional painted scroll found in East Asian art in a modern way. Signed by the artist, this high-quality print is secured on hangers made from high-quality oak, creating a lightweight and unique alternative to traditional framed art, perfect for mixing and matching a variety of decor and styles.

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